Dark Red Press an independent author co-op created to further the creative products and literary freedom of its members. It was created by C.L. Stegall and co-founded by Jack X. McCallum, Jonathan Black and myself.  Writing in various genres, we mostly cater to fantasy, horror and mainstream, banded together to cull the literary cream from the percolating ooze of our imaginations.

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C.L. Stegall: THE WEIGHT OF NIGHT – Alexis is not your average high school graduate, her photographic memory and difficult personality usually making her a loner. But, when her life is further thrown into turmoil and tragedy strikes, everything she has known turns out to be based upon a lie. With her faithful friend Keats in tow, she sets out on a dangerous journey of self-discovery, with a mysterious stalker never far behind. Finding herself in a world populated by nothing less than myth and legend-come-to-life, Alexis must survive to save the one person in the world for whom she cares the most.

Jack X McCallum: MADE IN THE U.S.A. (10th Anniversary Edition) – Meet Will and Jeannie, two people who look like long dead American pop-culture icons, two people on the run. They are the property of the Compound, and the Compound wants them back, dead or alive. Take this wild ride through a dark history of modern American conspiracies and the 20th century will never look the same again. A covert government agency and Third Reich science, cloning and cryogenics, the Second Coming and the Millennium all come together in a collision of passions and perversions past and present. A story as unique as this could only be Made in the USA.

John J Smith:  FINDING KATIE – The very wealthy and very sheltered Preston Meadows lives his life protected from even the hint of harm. His world is safe and secure until someone kidnaps his sister, Katie. Against his parents’ wishes, Preston sets out on his own to find her. Preston works hard to blend in with the “regular” people roaming the streets of Dallas – but the real world is zany, insane, full of danger and ruthless criminals. Preston soon begins to learn more about himself and finds he has a knack for foiling certain crimes. In his adventures, during his search for his sister, he makes friends with some of the strangest people he could ever imagine. Along the way, Preston falls in love, comes face-to-face with a self-described Drug Lord, and discovers a side of himself he never knew existed.

Brian Fatah Steele: IN BLEED COUNTRY – What is The Bleed Country? The space between words in a prayer and the last number in Pi. It is where faith & dreams are held safe, where unborn terrors lurk and all the answers are painted in colors that don’t exist. There have always been Agents who protect Bleed Country, individuals granted powers who walk the under-roads known as The Scar and seek to keep the balance. But now cards have been thrown, and while the only true constant in this reality is change, it is coming faster and more surely than anyone could have predicted. Sides will be drawn for the battle of Bleed Country, and not everyone will survive…

4POCALYPSE: edited by C.L. Stegall, featuring Jack X. McCallum, John J. Smith & Brian Fatah Steele – What happens when the world as we know it comes to an end? Will it be with a bang or a whimper? What comes next? Who survives and why? Here are four disparate stories of post-apocalyptic adventure, terror, revenge and love. In The Last Pharmacist, underground cities are dealing with the deadly epidemic of a synthetic heroin supplied by an unknown source. In Smile, the world is overrun by a terrible, terrifying invasion from an unstoppable interloper. In White Sands, a girl searches for the one responsible for the worldwide pandemic that killed her father. In Futureblind, one woman finds that she has survived a horrible fate only to face a unique destiny. Welcome to the 4POCALYPSE – Four Tales Of A Dark Future.