Serenity J. Banks teaches us how to be Better Authors

Serenity J. Banks, co-founder of Dark Continents Publishing and the driving force behind Redheaded Stepchild Books, has decided it’s time to share some of her wisdom and experience.  Her new, ongoing blog So You Wrote It… Now What? is dedicated to elevating the indie press industry and answering the gazillion questions that many new authors have.  She tackles everything under the sun, from standing behind your book’s idea to using social media responsibly. 

Her latest post, “How Authors Can Becomes Social Media Stars,” features such names as Brian Keene, Douglas Clegg, Deirdre Reid, Michael Hyatt, Peter Shankman… and (shockingly) me.  It’s a wonderfully detailed blog that discusses an assortment of social media markerting concepts along with our behaviors on these sites.  I truly believe posts (and entire blogs) like these are essential to the up-and-coming author.

“Ideas aren’t created in a vacuum.”  And if the ideas of young authors are going to be shaped and sharpened by anyone, I can think of few people better suited to lead that progression than Ms. Banks.  Check in at her blog, regardless of your writing skill or popularity – you just might learn something.



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