So Much Madness…

A lot going on right now.  The DRP interview for “In Bleed Country” is up, and I’m hoping it generates more interest in the book.  I’ve contacted three different review site with the request to submit the book – no word back from any of them.  That said, if any is willing to give an HONEST review on places like Goodreads, Amazon, etc. I’ll see able getting a DRP e-Review Packet out to you. 

So, the 4POCALYPSE project at Dark Red Press has been pushed back a month.  This works out for me greatly.  I spent so much time researching aspects of the novella I was contributing, the start of the actual writing seemed daunting.  Of course, once I finally got into the tale, I only had a little over a week left before the deadline.  This extension should ensure the piece comes out as quality.

Speaking of, one of the main reasons I found my groove with the post-apocalyptic tale was because I discovered its soundtrack.  This is always an issue with me, the right “feeling” music to inspire a certain story.  C.L. Stegall talks about it in his video blog here, and it’s something that definitely resonates with me.  My tastes are eclectic, and I found a few dub-steb groubs (Deadmau5, Skrillex, Glitch Mob) are helping me to write this.  At the same time, I’ve been trying my hand at illustration again.  It was a small tragedy that my CTS didn’t allow me to do much tradional artwork, but I’ve switched up some techniques and the project currently has three fully rendered pieces of promo art.

Oh, and the evil wizards at Smashwords have arbitrarily decided my short story, “Wetter,” has passed all their insane e-tests to get on the premium catalog.  Have I mentioned this week how much I hate Smashwords?  I wouldn’t mess with them anymore if I could get free e-books up on Kindle and Nook any other way, but it’s SUCH a great marketing tool.  I’m fully aware I’m a D-List Author, but I also fully believe in a certain price tier – full eBooks at $2.99, eNovellas at $0.99, and eShort Stories for free. 

Now if I can just get those bastards to accept the Halloween eAnthology I edited, “Past The Patch,” into their damn premium catalog.



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