IN BLEED COUNTRY re-released by DRP

Psychic Cannibals and Dimensional Portals, Malevolent Infants and Hidden Cities, Magical Agents and Annoying Scarecrows.  The only constant in this reality is change.  Welcome to Bleed Country…

What is The Bleed Country? The space between words in a prayer and the last number in Pi. It is where faith & dreams are held safe, where unborn terrors lurk and all the answers are painted in colors that don’t exist. There have always been Agents who protect Bleed Country, individuals granted powers who walk the under-roads known as The Scar and seek to keep the balance. But now cards have been thrown, and while the only true constant in this reality is change, it is coming faster and more surely than anyone could have predicted. Sides will be drawn for the battle of Bleed Country, and not everyone will survive…

The DarkRedPress Special Edition of In Bleed Country contains the original novel, plus character illustrations done by the author along with three new Bleed Country short stories. “Bound In Blood” speaks of an enigmatic origin, “The Brutality Coda” details a mysterious death, and “If I Only Had Some Couth” spills the secrets concerning everyone’s least favorite scarecrow.

This bizarre, action-packed tale freaked me out and grossed me out, which is precisely what Steele is aiming for.” – Court Ellyn, author of Mists Of Blackfen Bog

This book is a genre bending experience. It’s got romance, adventure and yes, horror.” – Saranna DeWylde, author of The Real Housewives Of Olympus

Bleed Country is that part of existence where the mystical and the horrific coexist in a tightrope dance of sight and touch, horror and beauty, love and madness.” – C.L. Stegall, author of The Weight Of Night and CEO of DarkRedPress



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