FREE Halloween E-Anthology

Dark Red Press presents a FREE anthology of Halloween-themed tales.  Available as an e-book in multiple formats on various sites, Past The Patch contains the work of thirteen rising authors in an assortment of genres.  Writers from the realms of fantasy, romance, adventure, poetry and (of course) horror, give use their unique takes on the infamous holiday.

Halloween – a holiday that evokes so much. Some say it’s a time when the space between worlds is too thin to bear the weight, and outer things spill over for a bit of Trick Or Treating. The stories found inside this e-anthology echo that idea, reporting back from a corner where the mirror has reflected a distorted image of this season.

Inside we’ll find a young man’s madness has driven him down a bloody path and the brutal folklore of the early 19th century clawed to life. We’ll see domestic bliss marred only by suburban lycanthropy and retail employees devoured by cosmic malevolence. Witches, monsters, and maniacs as written by authors of fantasy, adventure, mystery, poetry, romance and horror. We’ll dig deeper into a celebration now known for masks, candy and pumpkins while immersing ourselves in this anthology. Here, we’ll go past the patch and discover what tales lurk on the other side.

Edited by Brian Fatah Steele

A Dark Red Press Production

Contributors… Sarah E. Adkins, Jonathan Dukestein, Court Ellyn, Matthew Leverton, Jack Lloyd, Jack X. McCallum, H.H. Shullith, John Claude Smith, John J. Smith, C.L. Stegall, J.T. Warren, Robert S. Wilson and Brian Fatah Steele


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