Bleeding a story…

My re-release of In Bleed Country with DarkRedPress is pretty much set.  The cover art is done and my boss is doing a final edit.  Along with a few more illustrations, there will be three new short stories at the end.  The 1st is done, the 2nd half done, the 3rd plotted out.

A few years ago, I wrote out the origin of The Bound Mother, a character who became pivitol in IBC.  After a few minor ret-cons to match it up with the finalized novel version, I’m quite happy with it.  The second, another prequel scene involving the death of The Swansong has been proving difficult.  I need to establish this lost member of The Armada Of Sensation in a way that is dynamic and engaging – not just informative.  Finally, a piece that takes place after IBC will feature Katie Kruelik sitting down outside of the re-built Germaine House and having a conversation… with that bastard scarecrow, McKiernan. 

I’m hoping to get In Bleed Country: the DarkRedPress Edition out as soon as possible.  I’ve received so many wonderful, positive reviews on the original version, that I simply want to share the tale with more people who may also enjoy it.  Recently, I went back and changed my bio on a number of websites – instead of stating that I write “Modern Horror & Urban Fantasy,” it now says that I describe a majority of my work as “Epic Horror with lots of Explosions.” 

I think that works…

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