Still Littering Das Intarwebz…

Google+.  Kinda stupid so far.  Oh, well.  Along with a handful of friends, I sent a bunch of invites to other authors and book reviewers.  It would be nice to see that pressence there.  Same with Tumblr.  The RSS Feed from my should be reaching my old account now.  Tumblr’s a weird site… lots of niche porn and stupid kids.  Fortunately not together. 

I hammered out a cover for John J. Smith’s next book, Deadly Affairs, this past weekend.  I’m still not happy with the font-work, but I’m waiting to hear back from him.  I’ve received my PDF proof for the anthology I’m going to appear in this fall, Playing With Fire, edited by Coral Russel.  Pretty excited about that.  I’m still trying to find time to finish the last two short stories that will appear with a third in the DarkRedPress Edition re-release of my novel In Bleed Country.  Strangely, I’m finding it hard to find the voice for a psychic cannibal. 

On a positive, I snagged a bunch of new music this past weekend as well.  Along with the new Taking Back Sunday and the SuckerPunch SNDTRK, I grabbed a huge amount from my girlfriend’s external.  Since her taste is as eclectic and bizarre as mine, I was pretty thrilled to discover Pigeonhead and Volbeat in there.  Reason #72 why I’m dating her, I guess.

Oh, and my e-novella Far House, Deep House is still available for FREE the rest of the month of July over at Smashwords.  Some kinda special promotional thingy.  I dunno.  It’s the most depraved tale I ever wrote.  You should totally go get it.



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