DarkRedPress cover for “In Bleed Country” re-release

My boss and head of DRP is currently editing the book.  I’ll be adding in three additional short stories at the end, centering on the background of certain characters: The Bound Mother, The Swansong, and that bastard scarecrow, McKiernan.  Many seem to find In Bleed Country my best work to date, so I only thought it necessary to create a cover that would portray this horrorific urban fantasy novel in a fitting manner.  So after two days of screaming at the computer and the final thumbs up from CL Stegall, I’ve hammered out this…



More information about how the cover was created and all the appropriate credit given to the amazinf artists at DeviantART can be found here, http://antius777.deviantart.com/art/DRP-In-Bleed-Country-cover-216438465

I hope to have the DRP re-release sometime out this month.  Find more DarkRedPress stuff at http://www.darkredpress.com


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