Believe In This… again.

I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that I hate most conservatives and liberals.  I’m going to to have to start marking that box listed as “other,” and then writing in Transcendental Existentialist – which in itself is an oxymoron.  To (once again) explain where I’m coming from, you can attempt to wrap your head around the statements below…


I believe in everything, I will give it all the benefit of doubt.


I believe the only constant in this reality is change.


I believe the universe is little more than chaos, and we should find the beauty in that.


I believe all that truly matters for our children is a better tomorrow at any cost.


I believe morality is only a matter of personal taste based upon limited criteria.


I believe I am a grain of sand on an infinite beach and that gives me comfort.


I believe too many humans fear death, instead of embracing the last grand adventure.


I believe in fluid variables and not in absolute concepts.


I believe arrogance & ignorance is too often mistaken for wisdom & experience.


I believe humanity has the spark of divinity within itself, and that is enough.


I believe the lowest common denominator should not be catered to.


I believe race, gender & sexual orientation are not chosen and therefore not a concern.


I believe that faith leads to dogma and that dogma leads to zealotry.


I believe the legacy we leave is more important than what we have today.


I believe the majority opinion is irrelevant as the majority represents the average.


I believe those who have suffered are stronger than the pampered.


I believe conservative thought is nothing but a gilded lie.


I believe liberal thought leads us down a ridiculous path.


I believe the “Old Ways” must always die to make room for the new.


I believe in unity and globalization, but not controlled by banks and corporations.


I believe humans are the sum of many variables & should not define themselves by one.


I believe the universe we reside in is malleable and not immutable.


I believe in the true freedom of choice and not choosing anything is still a choice.


I believe nothing should be taboo and nothing should be sacred.


I believe the human capacity to imagine is greater than science and religion combined.


I believe the concept of “Rights” to be man-made and quite presumptuous.


I do not believe in belief, I believe in theories.  Theories can evolve and change.


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