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A good chunk of the weekend was taken up with food and booze.  My youngest brother finally turned 20, and I think it’s freaking my mother out that she no longer has any teenagers.  The fact that she now has five boys that range from 33, 28, 25, 23 and 20 doesn’t seem to have quite the same effect upon my father.  He was in a great mood these past few days.

When I wasn’t drunk and stuffing my face, I was setting up my new MacBook.  One brother was trying to use some strange alchemy to summon macbuntu linux into an ancient e-mac… just to see if he could.  However, another brother, working for a large university and going to master’s school for computers, refurbished me a MacBook in the most ridiculous fashion.  While I only had the Kindle App on my iPod before, I now have it on this thing – and promptly downloaded 20 more books.  It will be especially amusing when I’m reading e-books at work, in my Used Books Store.

Regardless, I did get some work done this past weekend.  Besides getting a section of my damn fence back up that had blown over in these storms, I managed to go back in and fully re-edit the first 13 chapters of Stagnant Absolutions.  It was all about the terms.  Ever since the start, I had issues with certain definitions and terminology, but it wasn’t until I pulled together the e-novella for Dark Red Press, Preeminent Hollows, that I realized where the problems were.  So, back in I went, 39,000 words to look over and make sure slight changes where made.  I’m still hoping to have Stagnant Absolutions out by the end of this summer.

Two more e-novellas are floating around in my head, as well.  We’ll see…

*go here for more at Dark Red Press!*

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