Editing like Mad…

I’m working madly on the last bits on my next e-novella, a collection of 12 tales called Preeminent Hollows.  It’s going to serve as a set of prequels, official known as The Prologues To The Chaos Narratives.  The Chaos Narratives is a new series I’m working on, the 1st novel Stagnant Absolution, sitting half done at over 39,000 words.  Some of the tales in Preeminent Hollows may have been read before, perhaps in Fragments Of Ruin, but here we find these and other stories are all connected in a single universe… a world of trickster gods and murderous ghosts, of Dimensionauts and S’allow Men.  A world where mental asylums come alive, occult shops are best avoided and a blacker house is never seen. 

Preeminent Hollows should be released as an e-novella the first week of May, along with a major anouncement.  Stagnant Absolution has a planned release for end of summer.


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