Slasher Glory

I feel I need to point out once more how insanely brilliant Rob Zombie’s remakes of Halloween I and II are.  For those unaware, he basically crammed 5 movies into 2 films along with giving us background info and insight into Mikey’s psyche.  He brought the lil’ girl from the original 4 & 5 (Danielle Harris) back as the hot chick who gets cut up… twice… and shot certain scenes to look remarkably similar while omitting others he knew were too iconic.  And is it a bad thing that I found Scout Taylor Compton (Laurie Stroud/Angel Myers) really hot in that last scene where she gives the camera that super evil smile?


Yeah, and this is why Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester from Supernatural) couldn’t pull it off in the Friday The 13th remake.  Dude, you beat up Satan.


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