“Mists Of Blackfen Bog” by Court Ellyn – art promo


The promo art I recently completed for Mists of Blackfen Bog.  While the image may be a work in progress, the tale it’s supporting is a finished masterpiece of epic fantasy, one I highly recommend for fans of the genre.


Court Ellyn is an amazing author and colleague who has just released an e-novella that any fans of George R.R. Martin or Robert Jordan will fall in love with.  It’s a haunting tale of epic fantasy, told with Ellyn’s wonderful prose, once serialized at SilverBlade online magazine.  Of herself, Court Ellyn says: “I write character-driven fantasy. I love world-building, magic, dragons, swords, and all the other ingredients that go into the high fantasy genre. That said, I try not to write anything that reeks of Tolkien influence.  Between paragraphs and revisions, I moderate discussions at LegendFire.com, the best community of amateur writers in the universe.”


Imaen, a disillusioned, bitter priestess, is forced to accompany her mentor into the icy swamps to learn why the spirits walk and to help put them to rest again. But when her mentor is attacked and slain by one of these spirits, Imaen must find the courage and the faith she needs to solve the mystery on her own. If she fails, the evil behind the outbreak could claim her soul as well, leaving her a forlorn spirit wandering through the mists of Blackfen Bog.



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