The Insatiable Greed of the GOP

How is it that no one is standing up against the insatiable greed of the GOP?  Is the American public really that obsessed with its Reality TV, Android Phones and Charlie Sheen antics that nobody is paying attention?  Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.  The largest viewing audience ever recorded in the United States was watching that last Super Bowl while a massive, world-changing revolution was occurring in Egypt. 

I have stated this many times over the years – “There are only two types of Republicans; the Ignorant and the Arrogant.”  For the last few years, I felt like the first group presented the greatest danger.  These are the under-educated religious fanatics who would strip away all of our rights to see us live under a Theocracy.  Quite similar to the dreaded Taliban, these homegrown fundamentalists simply replace Mohammed with Jesus.  Either group would joyfully murder many innocent people, using the term “Infidel” or “Sinner” interchangeably.  Still…

We all knew Ex-VP Dick Cheney was a crook.  However, his practices seem to have embolden this new empire of elitists, wealthy WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) who feel they deserve the failing, feeble status quo to remain in check.  This faction, the Arrogant, are not motivated by religious zealotry or even tyrannical domination.  It’s not lust, gluttony, envy or anything so mundane.  No, it’s sheer and utter greed.

200 years ago, a rich man was so because he had $100,000, while a pauper was broke.  Today, here in the 21st century, a rich man is so because he has 1,000,000,000, while a pauper (we call them homeless now) is still broke.  This is what happens when we allow an experimental capitalism to run wild and unchecked.  The disparity between the wealthy and poor is greater, the far higher amount of poor almost incalculable. Businesses have become corporations, and corporations now control the world.  While I believe in a theoretical Global Union, I do NOT believe in one run according to The World Bank and the IMF. 

But let’s back up…

Right now the GOP is attacking the unions.  They’ll give all types of excuses, but ultimately it’s because, without unions, big business will be able to underpay and mistreat workers.  It’s true, unions shouldn’t have to exist in the 21st century.  But the Republicans, so quick to scream about patriotism, are tired of sending manufacturing jobs to starving brown children in other countries.  See, the GOP would prefer those kids to die.  They want your kids, here in the good ‘ol US of A to manufacture all that stuff for 10 hours a day.  It’s their patriotic duty, of course!  (the kids of brown citizens must work unpaid overtime)

What, you think I’m joking?

And why, you ask?  So those rich WASPs can swim around in their piles of money like Scrooge McDuck did in old Disney cartoons.  Seriously, they truly believe that idiotic old slogan from the 1980’s, “He Who Dies With The Most Toys, Wins!”  Capitalist greed at it’s finest, folks. 

Take out any morality issues you may have.  Remove the religion equation for just a moment, if possible.  If you support the Republican Party, then why?  If it’s not for some moral belief (because we won’t discuss how many times Rush Limbaugh has been divorced here), then it’s because of financial reasons.  You are under the delusion that the GOP is fiscally responsible.  Why, because capitalism and corporations are the answer?  Is that really the “American Dream?”  To make a butt-load of money by crushing your neighbors so that you can buy a lot of meaningless stuff?  Thanks, I’ll pass. 

Oh, and stop talking about the Constitution and our country’s forefathers.  It’s not the Bible, and the Bible’s just a book that’s been translated more times that anyone can count.  Jefferson and his gang weren’t able to see into the future, they were not infallible, and Benny Franklin would probably smack us for having hammered out fifty freakin’ states.  Of course, with that said, a majority of the GOP would love to enslave non-whites again and take away women’s freedoms.  But not for any religious reasons, necessarily. 

No, that would just mean a ton more money for them.


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