Serenity J. Banks teaches Us how to Write Better

Above is a link by the brilliant Serenity J. Banks, author and entrepreneur.  Besides writing fiction, she is the Editor in Chief at Dark Continents Publishing and has worked at theDF_underground – an amazing website dedicated to the advancement of horror literature and dark fiction.  The essay you can find above contains advice that I find essential for any beginning writer in today’s market, far more eloquently put than anything I could have composed.  For instance…

“The business of writing encompasses so much more than the mere writing of words. Producing and selling a novel involves writing, editing, formatting, layout, design, copywriting, publishing, packaging, distribution, shipping, networking, marketing, advertising, promotion, public relations, communications, and—with a little bit of luck—sales.  The more of those things you can add to your professional repertoire—the more of those languages you can learn—the more successful you can become as a businessperson, and the more valuable you can become as an author.”

For the full amazing essay brimming with reasonable explanations on what young authors need to expect in the reality of the publishing world and (more importantly) how to succeed, follow the link to Serenity J. Bank’s page back at theDF_underground.



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