Author Jessica Verday walks away from Publishing Bigots

Thanks to author Rick R. Reed (a GLBT & Horror author from my own hometown) I came across this tonight, and I had to share.  It seems New York Times bestselling author Jessica Verday was told the short story she submitted for the WICKED PRETTY THINGS anthology was “not acceptable” to the publishers (US: Running Press, UK: Constable & Robinson) because it involved two young males in a romantic relationship.  Her response?  Read her blog by following the link bellow…

While I am violently opposed to bigotry in any form – racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. – I also view this as a direct example of why the old school publishing industry needs to simply die.  Once again we see how business-minded mangement drones who care for nothing more than financial returns are allowed to wield control over artists.  It’s terrible that Verday was put in a position that she even had to choose her integrity over a paycheck. 

Regardless, I believe Ms. Verday should be supported and appreciated for the stance she took.  As far as I’m concerned, this makes her a publishing hero.


2 responses to “Author Jessica Verday walks away from Publishing Bigots

  1. To any who might be reading this:Please make sure to read Ms. Verday’s blog post in entirety. There has been an update since her original posting, which comes from the editor of said anthology. It wasn’t the publisher who was against it, it was actually the editor, being controlling and presumptuous… which, last I checked, was what editors are payed to do. It’s still not a very pretty situation, but there’s more to the story than what was known when Brian voiced his opinion.

  2. Indeed. It turns out the choice was handed down by editor Trisha Telep, who having worked on teen anthologies before, assumed the publishers would freak at Ms. Verday’s tale. While the publishers are saying the would have loved to have seen the piece included, this is (of course) after the fact… now that Ms. Telep has been thrown to the wolves. The whole situation is just sad.

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