Kindle Book Prices LOWERED

Recently I’ve read a number of articles about Kindle Singles.  Using a tongue-in-cheek throwback term to the days of physical media music, these are items smaller than your average download.  “Kindle singles will typically run to between 5,000 and 30,000 words, the no-man’s land between a magazine article and a short book,” reports Cahrlie Sorrel at

There have been slight price shifts for authors, but many are jumping on this.  Nobodies (like myself) are just as involved as J.A. Konrath and Jodi Picoult.  More and more are using Kindle Direct and by-passing traditional publishers all together.  David Carnoy and Cnet even offers readers a breakdown on pricing.

Purists will complain that their precious status quo is threatened and that too many “bad” writers are flooding the market, making it more difficult for them to sell their own books.  Some even bemoan the e-publishing industry, claiming they have lost sales due to internet piracy.  This argument holds little weight, since the few author who might be having their works pirated (like King, Rowling, Cussler, Meyer and Patterson) are so insanely rich and huge-selling they don’t even notice.  No, sales are down because too many people would rather watch Reality TV for free.

Which is why really, really CHEAP e-books are a good idea!

That said, my three e-novellas have now been changed to a whopping $0.99 and the full e-books to $2.99.  Sure, I make less money – but that’s never why I started writing in the first place.  And if the traditionalists out there are writing fiction to make money, well… perhaps they should consider a career change.  Now go blow your pocket change on one of my crap stories.




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